Consult With the Airport Cargo System Design Professionals

When it comes to terminal planning and cargo system design, your ideal option is to consult with the professionals at Aerotec Services LLC. We have more than 50 years of experience working with airport facilities.

 One project we are particularly proud of is how we planned and installed a second floor in a working hub facility in Chicago. We help clients design terminals and cargo systems that meet their needs and their future growth expectations.

We have project amounts ranging from small to 50 million dollars.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide our clients with the most adaptive systems. Our goal is to offer cargo systems that can be expanded as the facilities grow or altered to match cargo changes.

Our Story

Founded in 1972, Aerotec Services LLC was established in response to our relationship with the members of the Flying Tiger Line’s management team and their need for terminal planning. Although we are proud of all our projects, we are particularly pleased with our addition of a second floor in the Flying Tiger Hub facility. Our team consulted with its management team on three continents and helped the airlines grow.

We we were apart of Flying Tiger Line’s history over the long term, starting from its use of the swing-tail aircraft and development of hubs to the company’s sale to FedEx. Our 30-year relationship with NCA,led to the development of the busiest and most profitable hub in the most economical space.

We also take pride in the fact that we developed an invention that would save 50 billion barrels of oil over a 50-year period. The Department of Energy awarded us a grant for this remarkable innovation.


Our Clients Include:

  • US
  • AA
  • UPS
  • BA
  • AGI
  • Swissport
  • AG
  • Middle East
  • Swiss
  • NCA
  • ATA
  • QO
  • MC
  • DDS


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AMMC Managers ORD


DOE OERI 335 for Robotic Inspection of Bridges and Energy Savings